Blair’s Halloween Announcement 2014 – Tasty Hot Bites #5 Video

Hot-Bites-005-YouTube-ThumbnailJust a reminder to everyone…keep an eye open for details on the live Firecast webcast coming up on Friday, October 31, or in other words, Halloween! I will be live on location from Blair Lazar’s Feel Alive! Farm in New Jersey, helping to celebrate Blair’s 2014 Halloween Bash.

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3rd Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo

September 29th, 2014

New York’s own High River Sauces, proudly presents the 3rd Annual 2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo. One of the most buzzed about food festivals in the country this year’s Expo will feature 45 different award winning hot sauce companies from various parts of the word.Complimented with free hot sauce tastings, craft beer, eating challenges, spicy food vendors, cooking demos, this year’s Expo will provide plenty of odd ball entertainment fun for the whole family.

April 24th & 25th
Brooklyn Expo Center
79 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222


With record crowds expected this year, the NYC Hot Sauce Expo promises to be one for the ages. With world record challenges, the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the prestigious Screaming Mi Mi Awards Show, one of the highest achievements you can be honored within the hot sauce industry. This year’s Expo will set the stage.

Mark your calendars and get ready for best 2 days of the year with the ultimate out of this world endorphin rush. The weekend promises to be packed with fellow chile heads, spicy food lovers and the BEST DAMN Hot Sauce Companies from around the globe. April 25th and 26th there isn’t a better place to be other than Brooklyn NY for the 2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo. Don’t miss out.

The NYC Hot Sauce Expo Incentive: A jolt of capsaicin that will excite the nervous system into producing endorphins, which promotes a pleasant sense of well-being. Be Happy & Enjoy!!

For more information about the NYC Hot Sauce Expo please contact Steve Seabury:

Official website:

Review – Becky’s Blissful Bakery Caramels


This review of caramels exploits my love of sweets, albeit ones with nary any chile pepper-induced spice. No, these are very straightforward salt caramels courtesy of Becky’s Blissful Bakery, an all-female based business headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Even to this day, some folks are still surprised that not every thing in my diet has to be fiery hot and that I go for outstanding flavor more often than I go for pure heat. Yes, I will gravitate for towards the incendiary end of the spice scale when conducting product reviews, but sometimes when an opportunity comes along to test out food of the “regular” variety, I will still wholeheartedly take advantage of it.

Becky’s Blissful Bakery has submitted three different products for review: their Original Sea Salt Caramels, their Salted Beer & Pretzel Caramels, and a jar of their Caramel Sauce

Scott Issues a REAL Chile Pepper Eating Challenge – Tasty Hot Bites #4 Video

Scott Issues a REAL Chile Pepper Eating Challenge - Tasty Hot Bites #4

Jeesh, enough with the yellow chocolate nagahabascorpionreapermoruga hybrid #71 chiles. Or is it the peach chocolate nagahabascorpionreapermoruga hybrid #71 chiles? Give me a break…

Fatigued by the avalanche of taste-alike, burn-alike super-hot chile strains, crosses and hybrids, I offer a challenge to video reviewers and hobby growers: objectively tell the difference between them using only your taste buds. I bet 95% of you can’t.

The Firecast Podcast Episode #62 – Greg Rempe of The BBQ Central Show, Plus Hot Sauce Industry Changes Wish List

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The Firecast with Scott Roberts: Firecast Podcast Episode #62 – Greg Rempe of The BBQ Central Show

Greg Rempe, host of longest-running and most popular barbecue-related show, The BBQ Central Radio Show, finally gets the guest treatment on The Firecast! Greg and Scott engage in a conversation about the art and process behind producing a live, weekly podcast show, plus divulges in some of the BBQ do’s and don’ts he’s gleaned over the years.

In the Ken’s Fiery World segment, Ken Alexander and Scott discuss some of the ideas and fixes on how they could improve the hot sauce and fiery foods industry.

For his product review, Scott tests out Chef Fartenburn’s Gourmet Hot Sauce.

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Review – Mr. Grill Brass Grill Brush

mr-grill-bbq-brushThere are a myriad of solutions and variations when it comes to clean your BBQ grill or smoker grates. Heat and moisture can certainly help, but it almost always take something abrasive to remove the burnt and stuck-on food from the grate wires. I’ve actually been a fan of taking balls of waded-up aluminum foil and scraping the offending crust from the grill, but I’ve always had a good grill brush on standby for a different kind of attack on burnt-on grime if needed.

But what type of grill brush do I think is best?  The verdict is still out in that department for me, as I’ve had a full array of mixed results from all types.

Rizzi at Mr. Grill has recently sent me their Brass Grill Brush to put through its paces…

Ken’s Pepper Works Hot Sauces Review – Tasty Hot Bites #3 Video


Scott reviews three different offerings from Ken’s Pepper Works - Island Sunshine, Rio Grande Mud and Red Thunder Hot Sauces.

Ken’s Pepper Works Hot Sauces can be purchased at

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What’s In A Name? Spicy Food Terms and Definitions – Sauces, Salsas and More

salsa-hot-sauce-definitionsIn cooking, consuming and dealing with fiery cuisine, especially the liquid seasonings that give flavor and heat to dishes, you’re going to stumble upon dozens of interrelated names and terms. Some of their meanings may be obvious, but chances are good that if you’re newer to the world of spice you may get hung up on a few.

For the novice foodies and beginner chileheads, I’ve given definitions of a lot of these words you’ll encounter. The following list is certainly not comprehensive, yet still should cover most of the terms encompassing the wide world of spicy sauces, condiments and liquids.

Hot Sauce

In its most basic meaning, a hot sauce is simply any sauce that uses hot chile peppers as one of its mean ingredients to give it a spicy taste. Diving deeper into what the definition of hot sauce is, it can technically mean any type of pepper-based substance ranging from watery liquids to thicker condiments all the way up to a thin paste in terms of consistency. Hot sauce can have an almost unlimited number of supporting ingredients including tart, sugary, fruity, salty, smoky or tangy ones. It also should be noted that technically salsas are considered to be hot sauces, albeit much thicker ones. Also referred to as pepper sauces and chile sauces.


Chili Pepper Bike Challenge Held Again in El Paso, Texas

chile-pepper-challenge-bike-race_logoThe El Paso, TX area’s biggest cycling event, the 33rd annual Chile Pepper Challenge, offers rides of 10, 22, 40, 62 and 100 miles on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. All rides will begin and end at La Viña Winery in La Union, N.M.

This is the 3rd year the Challenge has been based at the winery, 4201 S. N.M. Hwy 28. The winery will also be the site of the Chile Pepper Fiesta after the ride. The Fiesta is an event for the entire family. We will have live music by El Paso’s favorite salseros, Azucar, DJ…, and plenty of food and beverages. The event is sponsored by the El Paso Bicycle Club.

All rides incorporate the region’s favorite cycling route, N.M. Hwy 28, which runs through chile and cotton fields, pecan orchards and historic Mesilla Valley communities.

The rides begin with the 100-mile event at 7:30 a.m.; the 62-mile event begins at 9 a.m.; the 40-mile ride begins at 9:30 a.m.; the 22-mile ride begins at 10:30 a.m.; and the 10-mile fun ride begins at 10:45 a.m. All route maps and other details are posted at

Bowers Chile Pepper Festival 2014 Video


The Chile Pepper Festival, which takes place every September outside of Bowers, Pennsylvania, is a highly underrated but rapidly growing gathering for chileheads featuring foodie booths of all kinds, pepper contests, and actual chile fields from which show attendees can pick pods.

Our friend and fellow heat freak and griller “Firehead” Thomas Gately had attended the Chile Pepper Festival this past September 5th and 6th and got some great overview clips that he’s compiled together into this short video:

The Firecast Podcast Episode #61 – NFL Veteran Reggie Kelly of Kyvan Foods

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The Firecast with Scott Roberts: Firecast Podcast Episode #61 – NFL Veteran Reggie Kelly of Kyvan Foods

Former member of the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals, Reggie Kelly, stops by the Firecast to talk about his new lineup of BBQ sauces, salsas, apple butters and jambalaya starters under the Kyvan Foods moniker, how he is steeped in Southern cooking, and what kind of barbecue is preferred in his home state of Mississippi. Also in this episode, hot sauce veteran Mike Greening of Mike and Diane’s Gourmet Kitchen returns to dispense valuable advice to those starting up sauce companies by getting FDA approval and having a solid backup plan in case a recall is needed on your food product if things go awry.

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Urfa Biber Chile Pepper Test – Tasty Hot Bites #2 Video


Scott tries out the mild Urfa Biber pepper. Does he find it flavorful and worth cooking with? Watch to find out.


The Urfa Biber pepper is courtesy of Ford’s Fiery Foods and Plants, found at

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